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Drill or Drop

National and International news is updated almost daily on Ruth Hayhurst’s excellent “Drill or Drop” website here.

Government & Frackers

Confirmation of the Government’s close links with the frackers is contained within this excellent interactive infographic:

Green energy Suppliers

It’s now very easy to switch from the traditional energy suppliers to a green energy supplier. Obviously EKAF does not have any kind of financial stake in any energy provider, but the following link might help you switch to a renewable source of energy:  www.unfrack.me


Bore Free Eastry has become actively involved in supporting the campaign groups opposing drilling in Surrey (see recent news below) and have changed their name to “Bore Free South”.  Full information is on their website: http://www.borefreesouth.org.uk

You can support the Surrey campaign via the BFS site at the following link: http://www.borefreesouth.org.uk/donate/




Greenpeace is running a petition urging Theresa May to abandon the fracking agenda:


Oppose Government plans to increase business rate taxes on solar energy


Save Sherwood Forest



Frack Off newsletter 29:01:17: A comprehensive update of the latest national unconventional energy news

Latest EKAF Newsletter

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Recent news


EKAF Committee meeting  30/11/16

EKAF donate to Leith Hill campaign

Church of England support for fracking

The CofE has issued a briefing paper supporting fracking as a means to reduce greenhouse emissions which can be read HERE

Mike Hill has written the following detailed report identifying flaws in the CofE’s papered challenging it’s findings.

Mike Hill Paper on Church Report and current status


Green gas could heat majority of homes in Britains, says Ecotricity Ecotricity green gas project

Ecotricity’s website report can be read here

Whilst green gas mills have great appeal, a cautionary report regarding ecotricity’s plans has been issued by “biofuelwatch” which can be read at the following link:


Opposition to drilling at Mission in Nottinghamshire lodged by FoE was overturned last November with iGas being granted permission to drill a non fracking operation

iGas granted drilling permission in Nottinghamshire

The Solar Trade Association has called for the government to offer a fair subsidy for solar development

Solar Trade Association calls for subsidy


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