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Drill or Drop

National and International news is updated almost daily on Ruth Hayhurst’s excellent “Drill or Drop” website here.

Government & Frackers

Confirmation of the Government’s close links with the frackers is contained within this excellent interactive infographic:

Green energy Suppliers

It’s now very easy to switch from the traditional energy suppliers to a green energy supplier. Obviously EKAF does not have any kind of financial stake in any energy provider, but the following link might help you switch to a renewable source of energy:  www.unfrack.me


Bore Free Eastry has become actively involved in supporting the campaign groups opposing drilling in Surrey (see recent news below) and have changed their name to “Bore Free South”.  Full information is on their website: http://www.borefreesouth.org.uk

You can support the Surrey campaign via the BFS site at the following link: http://www.borefreesouth.org.uk/donate/



EKAF Committee News

Although there are currently no planning applications for drilling in E Kent and Coastal Oil & Gas relinquished their licence areas in 2015, the committee continues to meet on a quarterly basis and actively supports other anti fracking campaigns, especially in our neighbour counties of surrey & Sussex.

On 3rd July, committee member Julie Wassmer attended a meeting entitled Fracking & Climate Change.  The following is a link to Julie’s report

Aylesford meeting 3:07:17

The full meeting can be viewed on Youtube:



Latest EKAF Newsletters

Newsletter 3 2017

Newsletter 2 2017

Recent news 2017

The government’s “effective ban” on onshore wind “looks increasingly perverse”: Energy and Climate Change Intelligence Unit (ECIU)     Onshore Wind- Utility Week

David Smythe’s account of his  legal challenge against the removal of his Emeritus access status at Glasgow University can be read here:


Latest Update: July 2017
David Smythe update 
Previous update January 2017
Emeritus Professor David Smythe’s update


David Smythe’s analysis of fracking with respect to local authorities’ mineral plans and the infrastructure Bill can be read at the following link:



Concerned Yorkshire Residents Against Fracking” have produced the following useful fact sheet:

Fracking myths and facts


Three quarters of the UK’s biggest shale gas deposit may be unrecoverable because there is not enough space for the wells, a new study has found. Tom Grimwood’s analysis can be read here

75% of UK shale resources not recoverable


Article from The Independent 14/04/17 by Environment correspondent Ian Johnstone

Government Kills off Solar energy

Fair subsidy for solar power

The Solar Trade Association has called for the government to offer a fair subsidy for solar development

Solar Trade Association calls for subsidy

The Independent report on Government plans to abandon EU energy targets after Brexit :

Government plans to abandon EU energy targets


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