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National and International news is updated almost daily on Ruth Hayhurst’s excellent “Drill or Drop” website here.

Confirmation of the Government’s close links with the frackers is contained within this excellent interactive infographic:

Obviously EKAF does not have any kind of financial stake in any energy provider, but the following link might help you switch to a renewable source of energy:  www.unfrack.me

August 2016

A petition against plans by INEOS to drill 30 fracking test wells can be signed here

Donate for justice!

Emeritus Professor of Geophysics and an Honorary Senior Research Fellow: Dr David Smythe had his university access cut off earlier this year as a result of his anti fracking research papers. He is currently trying to raise fund to take Glasgow university to court to restore his access but needs our support. Read the case and donate at this link.

Following N Yorks’ decision to grant a fracking permit, Friends of the Earth have been successful in securing a legal challenge to the process. The case can be read at the following link which also has a link to donate: N Yorks fracking legal challenge

The latest newsletter: Newsletter 4 – 16


JULY 2016

EKAF committee member, Julie Wassmer, spoke at a major fracking seminar in Chichester on weekend 23rd/ 24th July. The following pdf is her excellent script:

Chichester fracking debate

A full report on the debate is on the Drill or Drop website at the following link:

Chichester talks fracking

June 2016

Tina support

In an outrageous development, Cuadrilla are persuing campaigner, Tina Rothery, for over £55,000 in costs as detailed below:

Update 25th July

At the hearing, Tina refuse to pay this outrageous fine  and the court adjourned to consider what action to take. At this time there’s no news. You can follow Tina on her blog:



In a risible & reprehensible attempt to deter future anti fracking protest, Tina Louise Rothery is being pursued by Cuadrilla, through the legal system, for over £55,000 in costs for an ‘eviction’ (that wasn’t as they’d already gone) of a camp in a field earmarked for fracking. This miscalculation on the part of the frack dealers will backfire manyfold.
Please help make her case as high profile as possible, both in personal support for Tina, and to catalyse the movement even further in the face of this manifest case of corporate bullying. https://www.facebook.com/events/247834732239427/

· Take a photo of you or your group holding a sign reading #IAmTinaRothery and (if possible) your name and which country you’re from
· Between now and the Court Hearing next Thursday (June 23rd), get it out on social media – tweet it, post it on Facebook etc – with a message something like:
In solidarity with UK ‪#‎fracking‬ activist @tinalouiseUK #IAmTinaRothery
We support #fracking activist @tinalouiseUK against draconian lawsuit from @CuadrillaUK #IAmTinaRothery



The latest newsletter:    Newsletter 3 – 16 June

May 2016

As you will be aware, Councillors in Yorkshire have granted 3rd Energy permission to commence fracking at Ryedale. This move will now open the whole country to the threat. The following campaign letter has been sent out by Friends Of the Earth and contains a link for you to register your support:

You will have seen last nights news that fracking has been approved in Ryedale, North Yorkshire.
> Sue Gough from Frack Free Ryedale last night launched a people’s declaration against fracking in response, vowing to continue the fight and asking for support from across the country. Friend of the Earth is supporting this and sent it to our supporters last night. Already 13k people have signed.
It would be fantastic if this could be made as big as possible as quickly as possible to demonstrate how much support there is across the country.
Please can you let me know if you are able to add your organisation or groups support to this statement and send out to email lists and networks? You can see the declaration here. https://www.foe.co.uk/act/add-your-name-peoples-declaration-say-no-fracking-0

We are working closely with frack free Ryedale on the next steps, including looking at any possibility for legal challenge. The campaign will of course continue. Just as in Balcombe, we need the Council decision not to be the end, but to be merely the start of mobilisation against fracking big enough to stop it in its tracks. Frack Free Ryedale are meeting, hopefully in the next few days, to discuss what the community wants to do.
We thought it would be helpful if all the groups involved in anti-fracking campaigning met to coordinate as soon as possible after that. Friends of the Earth is happy to host.  If you’d like to come along, please could you fill out this doodle so we can find the best time. If there is anyone else you think should be invited, please let me know!

Please fill out the doodle here: http://doodle.com/poll/vvbq6uhhxxq7i68c
With hope

Donna, FOE

John Ashton has written an excellent article in the Guardian on the Ryedale fracking decision:


April 2016

A former climate diplomat has accused the government of treating people with deception and cynicism over the regulation of fracking. Read the article here

The Weald resource is now estimated to be worth £52bn over 40 years but to extract it will require around 2400 wells! That’s just £1.3bn per year and what about the clean up and restoration costs? Read the report here

So much for the Paris climate agreement. In N Dakota fracked methane is being burned off since it’s uneconomical to distribute it! Read the article here

Fracking hypocrisy!

Basic argument to end fossil fuel dependency

Latest Newsletter: Newsletter 2 – 16

(Although the text may not highlight, clicking on the weblinks should open the relevant pages)

January 2016

The erosion of local democracy is being undertaken by the government’s use of Statutory Instruments which can be used to amend legislation without debate. So far they have:

Permitted fracking under natural parks

Reduced Local Authority planning powers with respect to drilling applications: Here

Made drilling operations “permitted developments” as per the following report: Permitted development

With so many developments taking place it’s very difficult to monitor everything. fortunately Global Frackdown have provided a comprehensive guide which is well worth taking note of:

Fracking action sheet


Although the text may not highlight, clicking on the weblinks should open the relevant pages:

Newsletter 1 – 16


Please support Balcombe’s petition to cease drilling:


Another campaigner is has written an open letter for anyone to sign calling on the Queen to use her power as owner of the Crown Estates to support a ban on fracking:


A leaked Cabinet document reveals plans to remove planning permission for fracking sites from local authorities. FOE have a petition running to oppose this:


Consultation: The government are planning to introduce a charge of £600 to process Freedom of Information requests. This policy is currently under consultation. 38 degrees have made it easy to participate here


PARIS COP 21As a result of the terrorist attacks, the planned climate change rallies were banned so the voices of concern from around the world were silenced. In contrast, the armies of lobbyists were granted unrestricted access. An agreement was reached but how effective will it be? A cynical viewpoint is summed up neatly in the following couple of articles from  Private Eye!

Private Eye COP 21    Private Eye COP 21 (2)

An article in the Guardian by John Ashton exposes the UK’s duplicity over climate change.

December 2015


As mentioned in the last newsletter, EKAF are supporting national anti fracking groups and in particular those close to our area in surrey where much beautiful countryside is under threat. SAF held a meeting in Oxted on 14th November and EKAF committee members Di Jones & Caroline Raffan attended to offer advice. The following is their report from the meeting:

SAF report

A key member of SAF is the journalist John Ashton and he has written an excellent article for the Guardian which provides an insightful analysis of the Government’s hypocrisy regarding green rhetoric and their dismantling of green initiatives.

November 2015

EKAF issued the following press release last November which, in welcoming the abandonment of all PEDL licences is Kent, pays tribute to the port played by all supporters in obtaining this success. You an read it at the following link:

EKAF Press release



20/10/15  Please find links below for  current petitions, a consultation:


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